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This is a site for people who want to improve their knowledge of equipment and modelling technique and who would like to join a club of like minded people within the Milton Keynes, South Northants and North West Bedfordshire area.

Bucklebury Lane.

Bucklebury Lane has been built using the old St Peter's yard baseboard. The layout has four points (turnouts) and track using Peco 75 00/H0 fine scale. Servos have been fitted to operate the points and scenery has been constructed. Push button switches and LED's were installed in to the mimic panel, which has been connected to the Model Electronic Railway Group (MERG) mimic panel drive unit (CANPAN). A Servo control board has been built and installed (CANMIO-SERVO) , which gives up to eight circuits. Four servos have been used to operate points and three will be used to operate uncouplers with the other to perhaps operate a semaphore signal. A further board (CANACC8) has been used to switch 12volts dc, again up to eight individual circuits, four to operate relays to achieve frog polarity switching for the four points deployed and two circuits to light LEDs in the signal box and the platform lamp posts. The electronic circuit boards have been mounted on top of the baseboard, so that we and the public can see what is happening.

The photos show the mimic panel and the control circuit boards, which are usually mounted underneath the layout out of sight also the scenery, rails and points. Note that there are only four wires (two for 12v power and two for the control area network bus) connecting the various circuit boards.

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Mimic control panel

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Surface mounted Servo control circuit board, 12v driver board and relay board to switch point (turnout) frogs.

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Inside the mimic panel

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View of the layout

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Latest view of the layout at the Olney MRC exhibition 2022.

A DCC bus was installed to provide locomotive power. We have put a small extension board on the right hand side and fiddle yard on the Left hand side (viewed from the front), so that it remains portable, but more interesting. We have also installed four platform lamp posts, which light up via a switch on the mimic panel.

New N Gauge Layout.

A new N gauge layout is under construction, using the old Market Cross baseboard, which has been repainted and a thin layer of cork has been glued to the top surface. A plan has been hatched and the DCC bus wires have been installed underneath the base board and track has been laid and droppers have been fitted to the track.

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View of the layout

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