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Annual General Meeting – Thursday, 3 August 2023

The Olney Centre, High Street, Olney, MK46 4EF


1.Chairman's Opening Remarks

2.Apologies For Absence

3.Election of Management Committee Members for 2023/24

4.Minutes of the 2022 AGM

5.Action Points and Matters Arising

6.Secretary's Report

7.Treasurer's Report

8. Objectives for 2023/24

9. Club Constitution

10.Any Other Business 2019

Malcolm Haynes

Secretary - Olney Model Railway Club

01 January 2019

Following are the minutes of the 2022 meeting

1. Opening Remarks

Alan formally opened the Meeting by welcoming all present to the AGM, particularly Philip and Dennis, who were attending for the first time.

There was also a special welcome for Ken Knowles.

Thanks were given to Malcolm and Chris for their help and support on the Management Committee and also to the "Tuesday Team" for all their hard work during the year.

2. Apologies For Absence

Apologies for absence were received from David M and Keith L.

3. Election of Honorary Life Member

The OMRC Committee had received a formal request that Ken Knowles be made an Honorary Life Member to recognise his support and involvement in the Club over a 25 year period.

Ken gave his grateful thanks to the Club Members for his nomination and confirmed that he was pleased to accept, advising all present of his hopes for the future success and advancement of the Club.

Proposed by the OMRC Committee, agreed by all present. Agreed

4. Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, held on Thursday, 12 August 2021, were agreed without amendment.

Proposed by David Cr, seconded by Brian. Agreed

5. Action Points and Matters Arising

The Action Points raised at the 2021 Annual General Meeting were reviewed as follows:

A/P 1. Recruitment Drive. We need to take every opportunity to promote the Club, with the aim of increasing membership up to a maximum of 25. Previous members, wherever considered appropriate, be contacted with an invitation to rejoin. Action - Malcolm

Our recruitment drive has been very successful and we have been joined by Dave Cr, Keith L, Simon, Dennis, Dave M, Keith E and Philip during the year. Discharged

A/P 2. Exhibition 2022. To be held in the Concert Room of the Carlton House Club on Saturday, 3 September 2022. Action - Malcolm Discharged.

A/P 3. Exhibition 2022 Facebook David Co agreed to produce a video of the Olney Layout for inclusion on our Facebook page. Action - David

Currently being prepared and will be completed in time for our Exhibition on 03 September 2022. Discharged.

A/P 4. Dickens of a Christmas - 05 December 2021 The Club will aim to have a presence at this event with some sort of display/information, possibly in a gazebo outside Peter R’s house on the High Street. Action – Barrie/Tony.

Not possible, due to the effects of Covid19.Discharged.

A/P 5 Sale of Surplus/Donated Rolling Stock

Whenever possible, we will continue to sell surplus/donated rolling stock to raise much-needed funds for the Club. Action - Barrie

Ongoing from year to year, with a Club Sales Stand booked for our Exhibition on 03 September 2022. Discharged

A/P 6 Expenditure. We will continue to maintain a strict control on expenditure to enable our depleted funds to be boosted to our stated red-line figure. Action - Chris

Latest Financial Statement confirms that the stated red-line figure has now been met. Discharged

A/P 7 Club Constitution. Malcolm to incorporate the agreed changes into a revised document and issue to all Members. Action - Malcolm

Updated and reissued on 14/08/21. Discharged.

A/P 8 DCC Training for Olney and Bucklebury Lane Layouts John and David Co to arrange occasional training evenings to ensure the Members are fully conversant with the electronics and DCC operation of both the Olney and Bucklebury Lane layouts. Action - John/David Co.

Will be completed in time for our Exhibition on 03 September 2022. Discharged

All other Matters Arising from the 2021 AGM were reviewed and updated as follows:

We still intend to dispose of the existing chairs and replace them with continuous bench-type seating around the walls of the smaller of the two main Clubrooms, when time and finances permit.

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6. Election of Management Committee Members for 2022/23.

There being no other nominations, the following members were proposed and re-elected to serve on the Club Management Committee for 2022/2023:

President - Peter R,
Chairman - Alan,
Secretary - Malcolm,
Treasurer - Chris.

7. Secretary's Report

Thanks were given as follows:

Carlton House Club - For their continued support of our Annual Exhibition.
Chris - For keeping our finances under control.
Barrie and Tony - For continuing to raise funds through the sale of surplus rolling stock and other sundries.
The members of the Tuesday team who have worked tirelessly on both the Olney and Bucklebury Lane layouts and the Test Track.
John for his work on the Club website.
Alan and Chris for their help and support on the Management Committee.
Tony/Brian for continuing to make the tea/coffee on a regular weekly basis.

The Club fully re-opened on the 22 July 2021 and, following the cessation of the Coronavirus restrictions, all documentation referring to Health & Safety Action Plans during the pandemic has now been withdrawn.

Layouts were reviewed as follows:

Olney (OO) - Complete apart from a few minor electrical issues and will be available for the public to view at our Exhibition on 03 September 2022.

Bridge End (OO) - Still awaiting refurbishment. Work to commence after our Exhibition.

N Gauge (Formerly Market Cross) - Track laying on the new layout ongoing, albeit slowly.

Bucklebury Lane (OO) - Construction completed and will also be available for the public to view at our Exhibition on 03 September 2022.

Test Track (O, OO and N) - Work now complete on the removable section.

There being no further items to discuss, it was agreed that the Secretary's report should be formally agreed.

Proposed by David Cottrell, seconded by Peter Marler. Agreed

8. Treasurer's Report

Chris presented a Statement of Account for the period 12 August 2021 to 04 August 2022, indicating that has been an operating surplus of ₤1,133.87 during the reporting period.

Income totalled ₤2,548.26 with Expenditure totalling ₤1,414.39. Annual/Weekly Subscriptions (₤2,411.50) provided the bulk of the Income and Rental, Clubroom Insurance and ARG accounted for ₤877.75 of the Expenditure total.

Chris was pleased to be able to confirm that his red-line balance of ₤1,000 has now been restored.

Following the decision of the Nationwide Building Society to withdraw all Treasurer Accounts, a new Instant Access Current Account has been set up with both Chris and Malcolm as signatories.

It was agreed that the Annual Subscription period would, with immediate effect, run from 01 September to 31 August. New Members joining during the Subscription period will pay a calculated portion of the full year total.

Subscriptions for the 2022/2023 year were discussed and agreed as follows:

Annual Subscription to be increased to ₤50.00 per annum. Weekly Subscription to remain at ₤3.00 per visit.

Proposed by Peter R, seconded by David Cr. Agreed

There being no further items to discuss, it was agreed that the Treasurer’s Statement of Account should be formally agreed.

Proposed by John, seconded by Les. Agreed

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9. Objectives for 2022/23

The future of the Olney layout was discussed and, after a lively discussion, it was agreed that we wish to spend the next few years enjoying the fruits of our labour before we make any firm decisions.

As space within the Clubroom is severely limited, we need to plan any future projects carefully to ensure that we make the best possible use of the space available to us.

Our Bucklebury Lane layout will be stored on a temporary basis underneath the Olney layout, releasing space for Bridge End to be moved into the main room to enable refurbishment and upgrading to commence.

Ken advised the Meeting that the Secretary is already holding a suggested plan for a new Exhibition standard continuous run layout which could be considered when time, space and finances permit.

We will aim to keep ourselves in the public eye, maximising publicity for our Olney layout, by considering opening up the Clubroom for occasional open days, posssibly to coincide with other local events.

In addition, we will maximise our use of social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) and look at the usefulness of our Website.

10. Club Constitution

An updated Club Constitution, prepared by Malcolm and agreed by the OMRC Management Committee, was discussed and, subject to one minor change in the Membership Fees section, was approved.

Malcolm to update and issue to all Members, also placing a copy on the Club notice board and Website. Action - Malcolm

Proposed by Simon and seconded by Peter M. Agreed

11. Any Other Business

There being no further business to discuss, the Meeting was formally brought to a close at 9.40pm.

Malcolm Haynes
Secretary - Olney Model Railway Club 14 September 2022

Author: Malcolm Haynes

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