Olney Model Railway Club - Annual General Meeting

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Annual General Meeting – Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Olney Centre, High Street, Olney, MK46 4EF

1. Opening Remarks

Ken formally opened the Meeting by welcoming all present to the AGM and thanking all Club members for their support and hard work during what had proved to be a successful year.

2. Apologies For Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Bruce.

3. Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, held on Thursday, 29 January 2015 were agreed without amendment.

Proposed by Peter R, seconded by Mike. Agreed

4. Minutes of the 2015 Extraordinary General Meeting

The Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting, held on Thursday, 22 October 2015 were agreed without amendment.

Proposed by Keith, seconded by David Cr. Agreed

5. Action Points and Matters Arising

The Action Points raised at the 2015 Annual General Meeting were reviewed as follows:

A/P 1. Exhibition flyer template to be emailed to all Members to enable copies to be made available when local exhibitions are visited.
Action - Malcolm
Actioned as requested. Discharged.

A/P 2. Peter E to speak to Les Pace at Northampton with a view to obtaining a small O Gauge layout for our 2015 Exhibition.
Action - Peter E
Actioned as requested. Discharged.

A/P 3. Club Dinner at Donzella Restaurant, Olney to be arranged for late April 2015.
Action - Malcolm
Actioned as requested. Discharged.

A/P 4. Malcolm to speak to Mike regarding annual PAT testing.
Action - Malcolm
Actioned as requested. Discharged.

Tony Tull's rolling stock has been boxed up and now needs to be returned to him. Malcolm to write to Tony and ask him to collect as soon as possible.
Action - Malcolm Haynes

Old magazines are still being sorted and surplus copies disposed of.

Townley Mine (N) has been taken by Dave Cr. Market Cross (N) and Bridge End (OO) remain in storage awaiting their fate.

All surplus rolling stock on the test track facility has been removed and safely stored.

One of the OO gauge tracks is currently being converted to DCC working. The wiring is complete, the points require electrification and a new controller will need to be purchased. New controllers will also need to be purchased for the remaining test tracks.

Cleaning of the Club O Gauge Sentinel locomotive is now complete and the loco is back in running order. Thanks very much Peter M.

The possibility of a day trip to be explored, with the Great Central Railway at Loughborough or the Nene Valley Railway to be considered as potential destinations.

The disposal of accumulated rubbish is ongoing and the accommodation is currently being reorganised to make better use of the space available. Working party days, as previously suggested by Tony, will be organised as required.

6. Secretary's Report

Thanks were given to John for his work on the Club Website and to Peter M for keeping the local community informed of our activities via the Phonebox Magazine.

Thanks were also given to John and Chris for weekly preparation of tea and coffee and for washing up the cups afterwards.

7. Treasurer's Report

Chris presented the Accounts for the period 01 January 2015 to 31 December 2015 to the Meeting for approval.

Income for the reporting period totalled ₤1,845.91 against Expenditure of ₤1,945.16, resulting in an operating loss of ₤99.25 for the year.

Various items of Income and Expenditure were discussed and it was agreed that, overall, we remain in a good financial state with a Balance in Hand of ₤1,542.21.

There being no further questions, it was agreed that the 2015 Accounts should be formally agreed.

Proposed by Peter R, seconded by David Co. Agreed

8. Exhibition 2015

Malcolm Haynes reported that, once again, the day had been very successful, with visitor numbers on a par with those recorded for 2014. Exhibitors and Traders all thoroughly enjoyed the day and complimentary comments were received from a number of visitors. Income totalled ₤688.14 and Expenditure totalled ₤468.14, with the net result that Club funds had been boosted by a profit of ₤220.00 on the day.

On behalf of those present, Ken thanked Malcolm, his support team of John and Simon and all Club Members for their hard work in organising Exhibition 2015. Particular thanks were given to John for all his efforts in organising and producing the Exhibition programme.

Thanks were also given to Tony and Barrie, who manned the OMRC second-hand stall on the day, raising ₤23.00 towards Club funds.

There being nothing further to discuss, it was agreed that the 2015 Exhibition Accounts should be formally agreed.

Proposed by David Cr, seconded by John. Agreed

9. Election of Management Committee Members for 2016

The current Management Committee members confirmed that they were willing to stand for re-election, although Ken advised that, if he were to be re-elected as Chairman, 2016 would be his last year in the position.

There being no other nominations or volunteers, the following Members were therefore proposed and elected to serve on the Club Management Committee for 2016:
President - Peter R
Chairman - Ken
Secretary - Malcolm
Treasurer - Chris

Proposed by David Co, seconded by Alan. Agreed

10. Membership Fees 2016

After a brief discussion, it was agreed that the Annual and Weekly Membership Fees for 2016 should remain unchanged as follows:

Annual Full Membership Fee - ₤25.00

Weekly Full Membership Fee - ₤1.50, payable per visit

Junior Membership Fee - ₤1.50, payable per visit

Proposed by Peter E, seconded by Barrie. Agreed

11. Exhibition 2016

The 2016 Exhibition will be held on Saturday, 03 September in the Concert Room of the Carlton House Club.

Malcolm will be the Exhibition Manager, with support as and when required, from John and Simon.

Four layouts and a number of Traders (Mick French Books, Keith's Model Railways, MK Model World and Modeller's Mate) and Society Stands (LCGB and RCTS) have already confirmed attendance. Additional layouts to follow over the coming months.

In an attempt to increase visitor numbers, the following initiatives were suggested:

If possible, arrange for a representative of the Model Railway press to formally open our 2016 Exhibition.

Investigate the possibility of promoting our Olney layout and Exhibition in the MK Citizen, Local Radio, Local Village Magazines and Tourist Centres. Local advertising to promote the Club and its activities.

12. Olney Project

Progress has been steady, if not spectacular, during the year and the first five boards are reaching the stage where the electrics can be thoroughly tested in readiness for scenic work to commence.

The control panel and mimic board still need to be designed and built.

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 22 October 2015 to formally discuss the way forward and this has been followed by a number of informal meetings to finalise details. Decisions made to be recorded on the Club whiteboard to avoid further problems and delays.

Ken suggested that we should consider the introduction of a small number of working groups in an effort to get all interested Members involved in construction of the layout. This idea will be followed up after the AGM and will focus primarily on Baseboard Construction (using good quality timber and board), Ballasting (possibly using N gauge ballast), Scenic Work (including Buildings) and Rolling Stock (we will need to decide which period we wish to model).

13. Club Constitution

The current Club Constitution was reviewed and it was agreed that a couple of minor wording changes were required to the Membership and Membership Fees sections.

Peter R was asked to speak to the Carlton House Club regarding the section covering Insurance. Action - Peter R

Once finalised, Malcolm to update and re-issue the Constitution. Action - Malcolm

14. Any Other Business

The following items were discussed:

As well as possible day trips to Loughborough and the Nene Valley Railway, we will consider evening visits to the Caldicotte Lake Railway in Milton Keynes and the Northamptonshire Model Engineers Society.

Annual Club Dinner to be held at Donzella Restaurant, Olney in late April. Malcolm to arrange. Action - Malcolm

There being no further business to discuss, the Meeting was formally brought to a close at 9.30pm.

Malcolm Haynes
Secretary - Olney Model Railway Club
11 February 2016

Author: Malcolm Haynes

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