Olney Model Railway Club - Annual General Meeting

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Annual General Meeting – Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Olney Centre, High Street, Olney, MK46 4EF

These are the minutes of the 2017 meeting

1. Opening Remarks

Ken formally opened the Meeting by welcoming all present to the AGM and thanking all Club members for their support and hard work during the year.

Ken added that it had been a pleasure and privilege to be the Chairman of OMRC and confirmed that he would not be standing for re-election for 2017. He went on to express his concern and disappointment that we have lost a couple of established members during the past year and hoped that this trend will not continue in the future.

Thanks were given to John for his work on the Club Website and to Peter M for keeping the local community informed of our activities via the Phonebox Magazine. Thanks were also given to Chris for weekly preparation of tea and coffee and for washing up the cups afterwards.

Ken accepted that the Olney layout has proved to be a much larger project than originally anticipated and, whilst we have made many mistakes along the way, there is light at the end of the tunnel and we should all pull together to ensure completion in the foreseeable future. We will also need maximum publicity for the layout if we are to receive Exhibition invitations in the future.

We will soon need to be looking ahead to our next project. Ken has put some thoughts down for consideration and these were handed to Malcolm Haynes for safe keeping until the appropriate time.

2. Apologies For Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Bruce, David Cot, Mike and Jack.

3. Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, held on Thursday, 28 January 2016 were agreed without amendment.

Proposed by Alan, seconded by Barrie. Agreed

4. Action Points and Matters Arising

The Action Points raised at the 2016 Annual General Meeting were reviewed as follows:

A/P 1. Tony Tull’s rolling stock has been boxed up and now needs to be returned to him. Malcolm to write to Tony and ask him to collect as soon as possible. No significant progress to date, Malcolm to pursue as appropriate. Action – Malcolm

A/P 2. Peter R has spoken to the Carlton House Club and it is confirmed that they are only responsible for insuring the fabric of the building and not the contents. Discharged.

A/P 3. An updated version of the Club Constitution was prepared and circulated by Malcolm on 12 January 2017. Discharged.

A/P 4. Annual Club Dinner held at Donzella Restaurant, Olney in April 2016. Discharged.

Matters Arising from the 2016 Annual General Meeting were reviewed and updated as follows

Old magazines, books, videos and DVDs are still being sorted and disposed of as appropriate.

Market Cross (N), Bridge End (OO) and St. Peters Yard (OO) remain in storage awaiting a decision as to their future.

All surplus rolling stock on the test track facility has been removed and safely stored.

One of the OO gauge tracks has been converted to DCC working but still requires a control system to be finalised. New analogue controllers have been purchased for the remaining test tracks.

The disposal of accumulated rubbish is still a major issue and needs to be resolved during the coming year. We will consider all possible options for disposal, including the possibility of hiring a skip.

Once the small upstairs room has been cleared, we may reconsider relocating the kitchen area, enabling members to make their own tea and coffee as required.

5. Secretary's Report

Malcolm did not present a formal report to the meeting.

6. Treasurer's Report

Chris presented the Accounts for the period 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2017 to the Meeting for approval.

Income for the reporting period totalled ₤2,075.11 against Expenditure of ₤2,041.69, resulting in an operating profit of ₤33.42 for the year.

Various items of Income and Expenditure were discussed and it was agreed that, overall, we remain in a good financial state with a Balance in Hand of ₤1,255.32 as at the date of the AGM.

There being no further questions, it was agreed that the 2016 Accounts should be formally agreed.

Proposed by Peter R, seconded by David Cr. Agreed

7. Exhibition 2016

Malcolm reported that, once again, the day had been very successful, although visitor numbers were slightly down on those recorded for 2015. Exhibitors and Traders all thoroughly enjoyed the day and complimentary comments were received from a number of visitors. Income totalled ₤872.80 and Expenditure totalled ₤460.55, with the net result that Club funds had been boosted by a profit of ₤412.25 on the day.

On behalf of those present, Ken thanked Malcolm and all Club members for their hard work in organising and supporting Exhibition 2016. Particular thanks were given to John Hancon for all his efforts in organising and producing the Exhibition programme at a minimal cost.

Thanks were also given to Tony and Barrie, who manned the OMRC second-hand stall on the day, raising a magnificent ₤223.70 towards Club funds.

There being nothing further to discuss, it was agreed that the 2016 Exhibition Accounts should be formally agreed.

Proposed by Ken, seconded by Alan. Agreed

8. Election of Management Committee Members for 2017

The following members were proposed and elected to serve on the Club Management Committee for 2017:
President - Peter R
Chairman - Alan
Secretary - Malcolm
Treasurer - Chris

Proposed by Ken, seconded by John. Agreed

At this point in the AGM, Alan took over chairmanship of the Meeting from Ken. Alan paid tribute to Ken’s leadership as Chairman and promised to try to provide a similarly high standard of leadership as that shown by Ken.


9. Membership Fees 2016

After a brief discussion, it was agreed that the Annual and Weekly Membership Fees for 2016 should remain unchanged as follows:

Annual Full Membership Fee - ₤25.00

Weekly Full Membership Fee - ₤2.00, payable per visit

Junior Membership Fee - ₤2.00, payable per visit

Proposed by Keith, seconded by Chris. Agreed

10. Exhibition 2017

The 2016 Exhibition will be held on Saturday, 02 September in the Concert Room of the Carlton House Club.

Malcolm will be the Exhibition Manager, with support as and when required, from other Club Members.

In addition to our own Olney layout, four others (Timber Valley, Welham Yard, Two Sisters Farm and Victoria) have already confirmed attendance, together with Mick French Books, Keith’s Model Railways, MK Model World, LCGB and RCTS. Additional layouts to follow over the coming months.

We will also look at the possibility of using the marquee, owned by the Carlton House Club, to enable additional space for visiting layouts in the Concert Room.

11. Olney Project

Alan began the discussion by advising those present, with some 26 weeks remaining until the end of July, we should set our sights on getting the layout (baseboards, track laying, electrics, fiddle yard and scenic work) as complete as possible to enable testing and fault rectification to be completed in time for our Exhibition. We need to demonstrate tangible progress to the visitors as proof of our progress and development as a Club.

All present acknowledged this to be a reasonable objective and agreed to provide practical assistance to enable deadlines to be achieved.

As Club Chairman, Alan will oversee progress of the project on a day-to-day basis, ably supported by Keith who has volunteered his project management skills.

The major elements of the layout construction were reviewed as follows:

Baseboards (Don and Dave Cr) - Nearing completion. Trestles are nearly complete and baseboards will not be far behind. Completion at an early date is essential to enable track laying to follow.

Electrics (John) - A few issues still to be sorted out on the scenic boards, but then further work will depend on baseboard completion. Assistance from other Club members will be sought as required. Once complete, we will need full wiring diagrams for use at a later date as required.

Scenic Work (Chris) - Work ongoing. We need to complete general scenic work and ballasting. We need to ensure that methods are consistent to provide the correct visual impression. Assistance from other Club members will be sought as required.

Buildings (Peter) - Main station buildings and goods shed are well advanced. The footbridge and signal box are more complex and need further research before construction can commence, David C has volunteered his help and Peter is confident that he will be able to complete the main buildings in time for our Exhibition.

Rolling Stock/Operation (Barrie and Tony) - Some suitable rolling stock has already been identified and converted to DCC operation. Barrie has already produced a discussion paper with his suggestions and we will need to decide which period(s) to model and what rolling stock to use. We should aim to be as authentic as possible to keep the layout believable.

12. Club Constitution

The updated version of the Club Constitution, prepared and circulated by Malcolm on 12 January 2017, was agreed without amendment, Proposed by Barrie, seconded by Andy. Agreed

13. Any Other Business

The following items, together with the questions raised by Bruce in his email dated 24 January 2017 were discussed and the following actions resulted:

Annual Club Dinner to be held at Donzella Restaurant, Olney in April 2017. Malcolm to arrange. Action - Malcolm

Wherever possible, we will promote the Club and the Olney layout and encourage potential new members. If appropriate and cost-effective, we will consider placing an advert in the Phonebox Magazine to attract new members.

We will review the condition of the stair carpet and repair/upgrade as funds permit.

We need to investigate the possibility of installing some form of emergency lighting as a safety measure. Action - Keith

Les P and Keith to investigate and advise of any potential child protection issues in respect of Junior membership of the Club. Action – Les P and Keith

We will consider the possibility of Club outings to railway related activities, including local Exhibitions, Open Days and, as suggested by Simon, Northamptonshire Model Engineers Society.

There being no further business to discuss, the Meeting was formally brought to a close at 10.00pm.

Malcolm Haynes
Secretary - Olney Model Railway Club

Author: Malcolm Haynes

EGM - October 2018

Alan formally opened the Meeting by welcoming all present and explaining that the Club is facing a number of challenges, namely: falling membership, accumulation of rubbish, lack of useable space and unavailability of the test track facility.

A lively debate followed and several radical suggestions were put forward.

After everyone present had been given an opportunity to put forward their comments and ideas, the following course of action was agreed by all present:

Olney Layout

The layout will be retained and re-erected in the main Clubroom to enable outstanding works to be completed but must be positioned to ensure that the test track facility is accessible at all times.

New trestle tables will be constructed for the scenic part of the layout to enable easy movement of the boards.

Layout to be kept clean and tidy and not used for the storage of coffee/tea cups and rubbish etc. Consideration to be given to making minor changes to the layout to make better use of the space available.

Lighting to be added.

Layout to be fully completed and operational for our 2019 Exhibition.

A collage board, and possibly a Powerpoint presentation, to be prepared to accompany the layout.

Test Track Facility

The Test Track facility to be retained for the foreseeable future.

All rubbish to be cleared off the boards and the tracks thoroughly cleaned to enable the facility to be returned to regular use.

Test Track to be kept clean and tidy and not used for the storage of coffee/tea cups and rubbish etc.

Consideration to be given to redesigning the facility to make better use of the space available.

Any changes proposed will need to be supported by detailed drawings.

Clubroom General

All rubbish to be disposed of, repairs and redecoration to be completed as necessary and cupboards relocated to make best use of the available space.

Floor in kitchen area to be examined and repaired as required.

Staircase to be made as safe as possible.

Gutters and drainpipes on the exterior of the building to be examined and repaired as required, hopefully with the assistance of the Carlton House Club.

Clubroom to be fully re-wired with advice and assistance sought from fully qualified electrical experts.

Newly installed whiteboard to be used to record and monitor all activities and actions required.

Malcolm Haynes
Secretary – Olney Model Railway Club
11 October 2018

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