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This is a site for people who want to improve their knowledge of equipment and modelling technique and who would like to join a club of like minded people within the Milton Keynes, South Northants and North West Bedfordshire area.

Welcome to the Olney Model Railway Club New Style Website.

The club, founded on the 25th February 1993, is small and friendly and currently has a membership of 20.

We are seeking more new members of any level of skill and experience, from beginners to experts, to assist in building the layouts, or just to run their trains on a much larger track than most people have available at home.

The club is affiliated to the CMRA - the Chiltern Model Railway Association. For their Home Page, click here.

Contents and Layout Guide.

The site is divided into ten sections, with a navigation bar at the top of each page. There is also a repeat of the navigation aid in the left hand margin.

A section has been added, called Articles. The first article is called "Electrics and Model Railways" and is a beginner's guide to wiring a model railway.

A further section called Olney Station Project has been included. We will add to the page as the project takes shape. To accompany the new page Barrie has written an in depth article on the history of the Northampton to Bedford Railway (added to in March 2016).
A second article has been added to the page, describing a special passenger train journey along the line in the summer of 1951.

The latest page to be added is the Club History page, describing the early years of the club, with part two added to include up to 2005.

The latest photographs showing the progress of the Olney Station Project have been added to that page.


Hello Malcolm,
A fair turnout last night (Thursday). Best wishes to Tony and Ken.

This week we worked on the fiddle yard tables, the entry raised flap, next to the bridge board. The final sections of track were laid on the bridge board and snagging continued on the existing points 12a and 20. The SEEP solenoid motor on point 12a had seized and it was decided to replace it with a servo motor. Point 20 was only activated in one direction intermittently. The three way plug connecting to the motor was changed, which so far has cleared the fault. The 12volt supply to feed the servo motors via 5volt regulators were wired on boards one, three and four and the bridge board. The interim 5amp 12volt dc power supply was used to power the MERG board electronics and the 2amp 12volt supply powered the servo units via the 5volt regulators.
For more details on servos, go to the end of the Olney station project page.

Trains were run over the scenic side of the layout.

Chris has fitted DCC decoders to the two car Diesel Multiple Unit and a 0-6-0 3F tender engine, which were run on the layout. Peter has provided some photographs of the exhibition 2016, which are now on the exhibition page.

The bus wiring on the two OO gauge test tracks and the O gauge tracks have been completed. Wire connections have been made to all sections of track (except the points) using droppers and bus cable. Loco running is much smoother as we are not relying on the track and rail joiners to provide all the power. Many thanks to Chris for all his efforts.

The annual club dinner was held on Thursday evening 27 April 2017 at Donzella's restaurant in Olney. We all had a very pleasant meal and enjoyed the evening. Alan, the new chairman, gave a short address before the start of the meal thanking Ken for guiding the club successfully during his time as chairman and all the members for their hard work during the last year. Many thanks to Malcolm for organising the meal and also to the staff of Donzella for making the evening a success.

You have probably seen it already, but Olney and District Historical Society have an article about the Northampton - Olney - Bedford line, which may be of interest for the Olney Station project.
Click here for the article.

If anyone doing research into the Olney line, would let me know the web sources or any other details, as we progress, I will put them on the Olney station project page.

Thank you for passing on more of Alan's photographs, which are now on the Olney station project page.

The new style web page is up and running, as you can see. Hope you like the look of it. The old pages are still on the web at present and I have put a diversion link on them in case any have been bookmarked.

Best wishes. John

P.S. I have included, because of popular demand, a table of the site statistics for the year to date (30 June 2017).


The next Club meeting will be held on Thursday 27 July, starting at 7.30pm.

Full details can be found by clicking Club Night.

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